Key priority area

Improve equity of access to high-volume, specialist pancreatic cancer treatment centres

Strategies and activities

Each key priority area has supporting strategies and associated activities for implementation in the short, medium or long term that have been identified to achieve the priority. Click on the strategies below to explore these in more detail.


Establish parameters for high-volume pancreatic cancer treatment centres


Short term

  • Establish working definition of ‘high-volume centre’ in order to map and categorise existing centres

  • Create a registry of treatment centres that are considered high-volume/specialised in pancreatic cancer treatment across each state and region

Medium term

  • Develop national standards of clinical capability for high-volume, specialist centres in pancreatic cancer

  • Develop a nationally agreed minimum dataset and framework for data collection, collation and reporting on clinical quality indicators and national benchmarking

Long term

  • Implement standardised data collection within high-volume specialist pancreatic cancer treatment centres


Establish hybrid models of treatment/care delivery